A DOS and Windows utility that finds different types of errors on hard disks and is able to correct some of them. In DOS, you run ScanDisk by entering scandisk at the prompt and pressing the Enter key. In Windows 95, you can run ScanDisk by selecting Start->Programs->Accessories->System Tools->ScanDisk.

Checkdisk :
Windows XP doesn't come with a ScanDisk utility per se. Instead, XP uses a revamped version of the classic DOS utility "CheckDisk." To run CheckDisk, go to Start --> Run and type chkdsk.

Installing Windows 98

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ITEM 4-1
Start Setup
Back at the a: prompt, type setup.exe or just setup and the program will look for the setup files on the CD.

ITEM 4-2
A wasted step in my opinion. You'll find a lot of these while installing win9x systems. Just press enter.

ITEM 4-3
All installations in the win9x family start out with a scandisk to ensure the disk structure is proper. NT/XP systems use a similar check known as checkdisk or chkdsk.

ITEM 4-4
When scandisk completes, if there are any problems, you might get a chance to view the logs if the system doesn't decide to act up. If all was OK, just select exit and press enter.

ITEM 4-5
The Welcome Box
A box should pop up here congratulating you for choosing windows. As if you would have had much choice in 1998!! Anyway, you'll also notice an estimation of how long the install will take. This is likely to change if your machine is newer. An AMD 2000XP+ should take 20 to 30 minutes for a complete win9x install. Just press enter to begin.

ITEM 4-6
The Wizard
Various checks begin and files are copied depending on your configuration.