The '/S' switch specifies that you want to copy the system files to the C: drive and make it bootable.
*Note Don't forget that you have to set your Primary bootable partition via 'option 2 - Set Active Partition' in FDISK before your drive becomes bootable!

This option tells FDISK to re-write the Master partition Boot Record without affecting the partitions on the drive. This is particularly useful if a virus has infected the master boot record of your drive and you need to rebuild it. This command is also useful if you have a dual boot system and need to re-write the MBR to pick up the dual system if one of them over-writes the other.

FDISK Continued

Click picture for close up view

ITEM 3-1
FDISK Finished
In this case we'll be using the entire drive as a single partition. I prefer to do any final partitioning with Volume manager Or Partition Magic after the initial partition has been FDISK'd and formatted. Select yes and enter.

ITEM 3-2
Time To Format
When FDISK is complete, restart your computer once again with the win9x floppy.

ITEM 3-3
Command Prompt

At the a: prompt, type format c: /s (the s (sys) switch is optional) Using the /s switch, all command files will be transferred to the hard drive. This isn't always required as the installation of the operating system also includes these files. If the drive was to be used as storage only, then you might want to include this step.

ITEM 3-4
At this point, you'll get a confirmation prompt. type Y and enter.

ITEM 3-5
Choose Volume Label
When the format is done, you'll be prompted to choose a volume label- a name for the partition you created. For windows 95, 98, me, I normally enter win9x but the choice is entirely yours. It's handy to have a label if you have a lot of partitions. If you only plan on having one, you can skip this altogether.

ITEM 3-6
Format Finished
That's it. You're ready to install an operating system on this drive. Next, I'll show you the complete process of installing windows 98 second edition on your computer. autoexec.bat will restart the floppy program without restarting the computer.