Fixed disk utility. An MS-DOS utility program which prepares a hard disk so that it can be used as a boot disk and file systems can be created on it. OS/2 , NT , Windows 95 , Linux , and other Unix versions all have this command or something similar.

What Is VMware ?
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Preparing Continued
It may be several hours later now depending on your setup.

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ITEM 2-1
Assuming all went well, it's now time to remove any disks and restart the PC.

ITEM 2-2
Time To Fdisk
Fdisk can be difficult at times. With older hardware, bios, and install disks, drive recognition may be a problem. In this case, a bios upgrade is adviseable. If your hardware is newer, this shouldn't be a problem. The first step is to get the PC started with a windows 98 startup disk. I'll be using VMware, an excellent virtual machine emulator to show this entire process. The setup details for VMware are here.

ITEM 2-3
Command Prompt
At the a: prompt, type FDISK

ITEM 2-4
Choosing Drive Support
In almost every case, you'll want to choose yes to large drive support. The only time you wouldn't might be if you were installing OS2 warp or dos.

ITEM 2-5
Here, you'll choose the primary task. In all cases, you must first create a primary dos partition. The program will not allow you to proceed if none is present. Choose #1 and enter.

ITEM 2-6
Partition type
Again, you must create the primary partition. If you had already created a primary active partition, you could choose to create an extended logical drive at this point. At each step, the program would ask you what percentage or amount of bytes to allocate to each new partition.