If you only type "format" when you reinstall, and think you have a clean system, you should take a look at this section.

Slap in a CD, answer a few questions, and you're done right? Not anymore, not ever. There's a lot more to it if you want it done right.


If you've ever needed a quick bit of information to help you install an operating system, you probably did the usual Google search and waded through page after page of only slightly relevant material to get what you needed. Most often, in text only format or with very elementary images or drawings. I hope to change all that with this site. Everything you need to know to get up and running safely and efficiently should be found here. If I don't cover it myself, I'll try to provide links to the best information sources available.

I'll take you through all the steps it takes to prepare your hard drive for a reinstall, or a first time install. From FDISK to format to the actual installation of the operating system of your choice, including maintenance tips, shortcuts, updates, and system tools. Although the primary focus will be on software and operating systems, some hardware tips will be included along the way.

As this site develops, I'll try to cover every popular operating system available as well as some not so popular systems or hard to find systems. I have collected almost every OS that Microsoft has released and a few they haven't released. I have quite a few now defunct systems that can still serve a very usefull purpose in the right environment, as well as some advanced operating systems that are on the cutting edge of new technologies. I'll run through the steps with all of these and at the same time, introduce you to some of the finest software available for each. I have more than 1000 gigabytes of software at my disposal, all tested and catalogued and I'll share those experiences with you as I go along.

Let's get started